Most people won’t be able to tell if a standard key has been copied as there are no restrictions on a locksmith or hardware shop making a copy of these keys.

A special product that locksmiths offer is a “restricted key.” This is a key that can only be issued and copied by the locksmith, who first sets this product up for their customer. Only an authorized person can request a “restricted key” to be copied, which offers a higher level of security and peace of mind to the customer that extra unknown copies are not in circulation.

Each key is individually numbered and issued by the owner of the system. You can also ask your locksmith about a Restricted Master Key System. A Master Key System is a mechanical access control system. Your office, residential or commercial property can be configured so a Grand Master Key can access all the doors and locks on site. Sub-keys can be assigned so designated key holders can open only specific doors and locks. This ensures that access granted is given only to specific individuals and can ensure higher security to your premises.